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Pre-Infusion Instructions


Hydrate. You are probably wondering why you should hydrate prior to your infusion right? Won't the treatment hydrate me?  Yes, you will be rehydrated, but drinking a few glasses of water before your treatment helps to plump the veins in your arms, allowing us to find them more easily. 

Eat.  Have a meal or snack prior to your appointment that includes some form of protein. Having something on your stomach will help to avoid nausea and lightheadedness during your appointment. 

Wear Comfortable Clothes.  We want you to be as relaxed as possible during your infusion so chose those sweats, a t-shirt, shorts or your most comfortable pair of jeans.  Whatever is going to allow you to enjoy the moment. We just recommend that your top allows for access to your arm up to your elbow.

Bring a Book or Music.  Have you immersed yourself in a great book or have a magazine you haven't had time to finish? Yes? Bring it along!  Also, our lounge chairs offer USB, as well as electrical outlets for your convenience to charge your cell phones or electronic devices, or for you to continue to work on your computer if necessary. 

Relax.  Once you arrive and are seated, take a few deep cleansing breaths.  We know that for our first-time guest, the experience can be intimidating, but rest assured our nurses and staff will take care of you through every step. For our seasoned guests, remember to use this time to relax, reset, and or meditate.  

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