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Enjoy the convenience of no waiting, no co-pays, same-day appointments and a provider who is directly accessible to you via text, call, or email at anytime all for an affordable monthly membership fee. No more surprise medical bills!  Direct Primary care removes the insurance company from the equation allowing the decisions about your health to be made by you and your provider without the middle-man. 

Most primary care providers have around 2000-3500 patients, but Concinnity Health limits each provider to up to 500-600 patients which allows them to spend more time prioritizing & personalizing comprehensive care that aligns with your needs. We focus on the things that matter most to you, and understanding them takes time. 

At Concinnity Health you will also receive extended appointment times, meaning you have all the time you need to discuss your concerns. We want to know your worries, your support systems, what resources you have to manage your medical conditions, how you function and help you manage these important aspects of your life.  We have the time, let us care for you!

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